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Theakston's Best at Welbeck Hall.

Hit the heights and jump for joy, in the absence of Freemasons the The Welbeck has opted for opening to the public to raise a few bob and give the staff something to do. Happily for me the public don't know this yet so at the time of arrival I had most of the lounge bar and the terrace entirely to myself. It's a shame that there are no live ales available but as these things go Theakstons is not a bad option and the bar manager did say they would add a real ale if the punters start coming in. Shame I didn't bring my keyboard, could have rattled off a couple of decent length posts whilst in a very relaxed state of mind. Trying to write more than a sentence or two with the b. virtual keyboard on a mobile phone is rather a pain.

"That" said Max, is all that counts."

"I'm sorry Max, no slight intended, I had forgotten you were there, lying so quietly on the green baize I should have mentioned ..."

"Highlighted " said Max.

"Highlighted, yes highlighted. Your quite right Max, faithful hound and all that, accompanying me on my Covid perambulations, well worthy of highlighting but, getting back to the poin,t was that a statement or question?"

"Was what a question or a statement?" said Max

"That 'that is all that counts'."

"Your the one with control of the keyboard" said Max, "virtual or otherwise".

"Not with you Max, what's control of the keyboard got to do with it?"

"In my experience" said Max, "there is an item of punctuation that indicates whether or not something written is in the interogative? Why don't you inspect your own writing and let me know?"

"Item of punctuation?"

"The question mark, dear boy, the question mark?"

"Ah, I'm with you now Max and as you point it out, it does appear to be a statement but perhaps we should allow for my tiredness and frustration at trying to write all this with only one finger and the propenstiy of virtual keyboards to wilfully misunderstand which letter I have actually tapped."

"If", said Max, "your finding it such a chore to write, perhaps you should consider finishing your 'second' pint and going somewhere else, perhaps somewhere for instance, where there is a readily available supply of biscuits suitable for canines?"

"Oh I see. That again?"

"It's a small thing to ask." said Max.


"Home." said Max.

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