Monday 21st May.

The day before my sister's birthday. Had to be at Urology for 7.30. They hadn't opened reception when we arrived. Sat in the lobby until they did. Another chap there who was quite angry. Assumed he was the competition for first of the day, but it turned out it was the wrong day for him. He had travelled all the way from Ilkeston on the basis of what sounded like an erroneous phone call. Cost him £20 to get there, would be another £20 to get back and then they wanted him to come again on Tuesday morning. Dreadful business.

Started the admissions procedure with a nurse. A woman burst into the room and asked for the patient notes. Pamela Wicks needs them, but the admissions nurse insisted she needed the notes for my admission, Pam could have the other notes, We carried on for a while then a second woman burst in m, she was extremely brusque, you might even say offensive. She demanded my notes. The nurse said she needed them "no you don't I need them, and I need them now, and I need the patient, you can have him back later if you like when I've finished. I have to go upstairs to prepare for surgery.

The nurse finished the admission without the notes and I was shown through to Pam's room. She apologised for the earlier seen but explained that the procedure was at fault. She needed to see me must as soon as she finished she needed to go upstairs to the theater to prepare otherwise the wholes day's surgery would be put back. It sounded like a reasonable case.

When we left the consulting room I mentioned my brother. It was evident she knew him and expressed her condolences over his wifes death just he was about to take early retirement.

Bit of a blur from that point on. At some stage was taken escorted upstairs by a big burly chap with a beard. Sat on a trolley bending forwarded for epidural. There was a bit of panic over the fact that I didn't know I was going to have a lymph node section in addition to the radical prostatectomy. They offered to call in Mr Walton to explain to me. I told them no, it didn't matter, just lets get on with it. I think we were talking about tennis, then I woke up in recovery.

I think I had a cup of tea in recovery and then I was taken through to the ward and hooked up to a drip and the oxygen feed. I felt no pain at all.

Mr Walton came to see me in the afternoon and was full of enthusiasm about how well the operation went. Only 2.5 hours apparently rather than the usual 3-5. He asked me how I felt and if I was pleased. Beaming and smiling he shoot my hand. Was a bit puzzeld that a consultant surgeon would come and see me. He had also phoned Rahel to tell her how well it went.

I was surprised when I wasn't offered any pain relief during the evening drugs round. When I queried this I was told I had declined pain relief earlier in the day. Apparently when I was asked if I was in pain and said no this is determined to be "declining" medication. I was appalled. There had been no explanation of this at all. My understanding was that you had to take pain relief medication to stay on top the pain, not wait until you were suffering. The anesthetist had told me I "MUST" continue to take paracetamol and, ibuprofen regardless of experiencing pain or not. She had suggested that I might not need the Longtec and if I didn't not to take it due to the risk of constipation, but that it would be worth doing the first night.

Feeling more that a bit scared at facing a whole 12 hours without pain relief I thought at least I would be getting the paracetamol every 4 hours., but no, the nurses insisted that despite what I'd been told by the anesthetist, medication was not given during the night. I had had my chips. If I experienced severe pain they would try to find a duty doctor who would be able to prescribe something else but I could not have medications already prescribed (and "declined").

As it turned out I did not experience any pain. When I queried this with the nurses no explanation was offered. "Why are you looking for pain/ Do you want to be in pain?" The problem of course is that I didn't understand why I didn't need the pain relief. Was this the continued operation of the anaesthetic,? Was this going to change, if so when? Should I "decline" medication? Should I say I was in pain whether I was or not?


Bit tired. Had woken at every noise during the night (it wasn't noisy but I'm a light sleeper when I feel vulnerable and I would wake at someone padding softly down the corridor at the end of the ward, or when anyone in the ward had their blood pressure taken.

Walton came on his round and again told me how well it went and shook my hand again. I think possibly there might have been some concern over the consent issue. He told me I would be going home that afternoon. I had just had a leg bag fitted for the catheter and put my legs up on the bed when he came round. Walton was quite cross with the nursing staff for allowing this to happen. The bag must always be below the hip, "otherwise the urine is going to flow back and undue all my good work" I tried to intervene and explain that the bag had only just been fitted before he came in and there really hadn't been opportunity for the nurses to correct my behaviour. I didn't get the impression he was mollified.

The afternoon dragged on and for a couple of hour I was told that the delay was waiting for the issue of my medications. As late afternoon was expiring I was told the problem was a kidney function deficit.

Eventually the medications were delivered and I was shown how to inject myself with the anticoagulant. I was told this should have been demonstrated earlier so that I had the opportunity to do it myself under supervision, as it was the first time however I opted just to see the nurse do it properly.

I got dressed and ready to go and was then sent to the day room as the bed space was already need for another patient.

My brother Roy who worked for many year at the City Hospital brought Rahel to a door close to ward so it was easy to bring all the stuff to the car.



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