Had good night only roused once and then about 300ml. Got up around 6.30 and peed another 300 ml. 7.25 400 ml. Is this all the pee that didn't manefest itself yesterday evening? And why so much control after so much drinking.

When I got up Joseph was already up and dressed. I had forgotten it was his 6th form taster day. Joseph remembering and getting himself organised is a major step forward in his growth toward adulthood. I confess I'm a little sad in a way. it's that childhood over far too soon thing.

Went for a walk / run in the par. Not far, just a half circuit probably about 4-500 yards.

After pooing things changed. started steady continuous dribble, nevertheless did 2 walking circuits of the main park. Didn't want to jog as I'm curious to see if the blood stain thing still happens. (it didn't.

Tried to control the leaking with the pelvic floor exercises. No joy. Read some articles on the web. Watched an Australian continence nurse on line. He recommend exercises 10 to 15 times a day and some more intensive exercises twice a day to put the pelvic floor muscles under load. Found an

Leaking steadily all morning and into the afternoon. About 2pm heard the postman. Stood up to go and get the mail and that letting go thing happened again. Splashing through the kitchen down the hall. Tried to ket a grip, "anus perineum, clamp", just peed faster. Changed pad, pants, shorts and socks.


 Went for a run again. Rahel came this time. Did about half as much again. Although generally makes me feel good it is painful on my testicles with every pounding step. Tried to stay on the grass as far as possible to make it less jarring.. Could this be making it worse. Tried to find some information on exercising on the net. Nothing really on exercise other than pelvic floor. Seems the Americans and even more so the Aussie promote main more pelvic floor session. On Aussie broadcas reckoned 15 to 20 times a day, using sitting down or standing up as the trigger. They also had some additional exercise to put the pelvic floor muscles under load when doing the exercises.

Bladder  control much better all day. Became quite optimistic. Went to see Mary.


Another run with Rahel int the morning. Got a much better rythm going. Increased the distance quite a bit. probably about 7-8 hundred yards. Still painful jarring to my balls. Was leaking a little when we left. Got better during the run, came back with a vengence after my shower.

Decided to go to pottery but took lots of pads. Drove myself and parked at The Plce. The pads were needed. It was pretty awful. Changed for the 3rd time in preparation for going home then Elaine started making me laugh, laughed so much filled me nappy again.

Enjoyed pottery but the failure to maintain the success of Tuesday was really depressing. Told myself this was normal, Good days and Bad days. No idea if that's true or not.


Good night. Emptied a pretty full bladder without incident. Had a poo and the tap came on wouldn't go off. kept on top of the pad changing so get clothes dry ,  but really fed up. Gould feel the leakage today, is that progress?


Leaking from the off but determined to do the tennis warm up with the class. Did about half an hour. Felt really good. Went straight to public toilets after. Hadn't leaked too bad at all. Left phone in loo and had to go back, but knew it would still be there.

The rest of the day was pretty awful.


Went to tennis courts with Joseph in the morning and played for about half an hour in the service box. Again very positive. :

Leaking  very badly. Feeling very fed up. Took walk around Proms in the Park to take photos.  Went back again with Rahel later to listen to some of the concert. Felt the pad getting very went so went home and watched the end of the Uruguay Portugal game. Went to bed around 9. Felt very tired and lying down was the only way to stop leaking.


Had a very good night. Woke once about midnight changed pad and then slept through until nearly 6. Don't understand why overnight seems to be improving while everything is getting worse during the night.

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