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Clifford Wesley Fulford updated his status.
Well that's alright then. The devil gave us an extended scare but God's back in his heaven and all's right with.the world.

Tis penance on you Mr Brian Cooley for being proud of a couple of billionaires working out of a Bahamian tax haven to pay millionaires to play footie.

I was going to suggest you asked to borrow one of ours too. so taht the trophy cabinet at the new stadium didn't look so empty but we haven't done so well this year either so I'll content meself with offering commiserations.
Seems to be a very sudden revival of the poppy this year. In almost terminal decline since the days of my early youth seems as if they've been eradicated not only from corn fields but also roadside grass verges nation wide. This year they seem to be making a come back, at least in Bridgford.

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